Kompiling KDE 3.1

Steven Whatley swhatley at hal-pc.org
Tue Mar 11 02:40:45 GMT 2003

Hi all,

Argh, finally kompletely kompiled the KDE source kode.  I even did it
withour kursing.  Ugh, now I kan't stop uisng K's.  Kan someone please
konvience me to cease?  Wait, a C!  All right, I'm kured!  Oops...

Seriously, it was an adventure.  There is a definite order to compiling
some of the packages.  Finding the dependencies was fun.  kdebase did not
want j2re-1.4.1!  then there was cups, glut, and something else. It had to
have jre1.2.2.  The toughest one was kdemultimedia.

The kaudiocreator wanted two includes, cdda_interface.h and
cdda_paranoia.h.  I finally tracked it down to cdparanoia,
cdparanoia-devel, and cdparanoia-libs.  I didn't have the devel RPM
package isntalled.  So, I used RH8's up2date to grab it.  the program
still would lnot compile.  Then oh yeah, 'make distclean; ./configure;

For almost all deps, I could just use up2date to acquire them.  Funny that
KDE 3.0.3 or the install of 3.1 didn't complain that was using KDE 3.0.3
while doing the compilation and install.  Now try that with WinXP!  Hehe.

Ah!  kmultimedia-3.1 finally finished compiling.  OK, I wasn't quite
finished when I started writing this message. :) All done now.  Now, do
all the programs run?  I'll find out...

Starting to have fun!
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