Can I run a second KDE seession, as different user?

Ladislav Strojil Ladislav.Strojil at
Mon Mar 10 23:00:31 GMT 2003

On Monday 10 of March 2003 21:27, Steve King wrote:
> Is there a way to run KDE as a different user, overlayed on top of an
> existing KDE session? In particular, rather than logging out of my account
> and then into root, it would be handy to run KDE as root in a window within
> my own KDE session. Similarly, if one of my family want to quickly do
> something (check their email or whatever), they can do it without me having
> to stop my session first. I've tried the obvious "su - ... kde3" and that
> doesn't work.

If you want to start just a single application as different user press Alt-F2 
and then "options" (or whatever it is called in English) and check "run ads 
different user" and enter that different user.


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