some questions regarding KDE vs. GNOME cooperations.

Ali Akcaagac aliakc at
Mon Mar 10 07:21:56 GMT 2003

Hello, I have found some writings regarding KDE and GNOME the past
couple of weeks which I find highly irritating, maybe because I have
problems understanding all of them correctly. Therefore I would like to
ask for some clearing comments on my following topics.

1) There are a bunch of writings on the GNOME, KDE and Freedesktop
Mailinglists about changing the default KDE Configuration in favour of
GConf (Windows Registry and written by GNOME) as new default
Configuration. What exactly is up with that ? Some KDE developers (At
least I think they are) write it will become part of KDE really soon and
some write it will not happen. I can't show any resources with direct
links on this now but I'm sure that many of you read and heard similar

2) There are a bunch of writings about KDE trying to adopt GStreamer
(written by GNOME) for KDE 4.0 as default Multimedia Framework and
getting rid of ARTS. What's up with that since GStreamer depends on

3) There are a bunch of writings about KDE reducing configurations
because GNOME did it with their 2.x release. And some replies from KDE
people were that this won't happen. Instead removing Configuration
options, these options should get arranged better. And now on
there is a writing where
the leading KDE developer team and the leading GNOME developer team seem
to have found a consens that indeed heavy configurability hurt and that
something has to be done. Does this mean that KDE is removing the same
way as GNOME did ? How will new arrangement of Options reduce complexity

4) A bunch of KDE developers found their way to the GNOME development
lists and they are talking about adopting DBus (written by GNOME) for
KDE 4.0. Besides this some other aspects have been touched there such as
GStreamer, adapting Glib (without GObjects) and some other stuff from
Please I would appreciate getting clear (no flaming) answers to these
points even if they don't necessarily sound like questions. Cooperating
is indeed a good thing but this all is really scary for me and confuses
me in my decisions for the future.

a) KDE adapting all stuff from GNOME,
b) KDE is cooperating with GNOME on one HIG (button re-order),
c) KDE is going the GNOME way on eventually removing configurability

and probably many more things I don't know about.

PS: Sorry for my bad english and grammar and in some areas
non-diplomatic kind of writing which may tend in misunderstandings. Said
this please CC reply to me since I'm not subscribed to this list.

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