kdepim & kdepim-pilot

Steven Whatley swhatley at hal-pc.org
Thu Mar 6 05:45:08 GMT 2003

Hi all,

When I first set up RH8, I picked Gnome.  I have since switched to KDE.
Like I said earlier, KDE seems to do better in dualhead mode then Gnome.

I am now trying to set up my PalmOS device, a HandEra 330, but I can't
figure out how to run "kdepim".  The menu Accessories -> Palm/handhelds
keeps bring up gnome-pilot indtead of KDE's equivalent.  The kdepim and
kdepim-pilot RPMs *are* installed.  BTW, I am actully running 3.0.3-3.
Earlier, I thought I was running 3.0.5a.  Once, I get more confortable
with KDE, I'll upgrade to 3.1.

So, I have two questions.  How do I access the kdepim package?  How do I
configure it to use the kdepim-pilot instead of gnome-pilot?

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