KDE slow loading GTK based apps

Dane Rapaport dane at al.com.au
Wed Mar 5 01:42:11 GMT 2003

Hi All.

I am currently running KDE 3.0 and it seems to take forever loading GTK 
based applications.

When I start xmms theres a 15 second wait before it actually appears on 
my desktop. It displays immediately in the kicker and the icon flashes 
until it finally draws itself on the desktop.

I find a slightly longer wait when starting gkrellm (system monitor).

I find a similar wait when starting gmplayer (the gui interface for 

The same occurs when I start Gimp.

This happens when starting gui apps from the menu, the kicker as well as 
from a shell.

The programs all function quickly and properly once they have passed 
this initial slowness to load.

Konqueror and native KDE apps seem not to have so much of this latency.

When I run xmms, gkrellm, gimp et al from within Gnome, they appear on 
my desktop almost instantaneously.

I see that in KDE 3.1, theres the new widget style Keramik.

Will a move to 3.1 solve my latency problems? or am I stuck with this 
horrendous wait for apps to appear on my desktop?

The system is a dual 1.8ghz p4 with 1gb ram so theres no blame to be 
laid there.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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