NOT changing help-browser?

Johnny Ernst Nielsen johnny.ernst.nielsen at
Mon Mar 3 11:32:25 GMT 2003

Good day,

KDE 3.0.5

How do I change the default internet browser _without_ also changing 
the man/info/help browser?

I have set up the MIME type for html to use Mozilla in stead of 
Konqueror. I wanted to browse the Internet with Mozilla.
Unfortunately, now when I press Alt+F2 and enter 'man:/nmap', KDE 
starts Mozilla which first says it does _not_ recognize the protocol 
'man', and then displays an empty page.
The same problem when I open Konqueror and enter 'man:/nmap' in the 
location field.
The same when I click a  KDE link which URL starts with help/man/info 
(for instance the 'Documentation' link in the first bullet in Kmail's 
"Mail" root folder.

Is there any way to tell KDE to use Mozilla only when an html page is 
accessed via the protocols http/https/file, and otherwise use 
Konqueror/Khelpcenter as per default?

Best regards :o)

Johnny :o)
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