setting "keyboard shortcuts"

Matt Price matt.price at
Sat Mar 1 02:32:05 GMT 2003

Hi there,

my setup:
debian GNU/Linux (woody) 
kde 3.1 woody backport (installed via "apt-get install kdebase" after
lputting the sources in my /etc/apt/sources.list) 

For the life of me I can't seem t get KDE to APPLY keybindings I set
in the control center "Keyboard Shortcuts" screen.  

I'm doing the following:

invoke Control Center
scroll through the list, defining keystrokes for relevant actions 
(in particular:  changing keybindings of "walk through desktop list"
to "walk through desktops" -- the default kde bindings for that in
particular drive me nuts).  

save new config as "matt's prefs".  

click "apply" in the control center.  

This has no effect whatsoever on the bindings that kde actually
uses.  The alternate configuration is saved in a file under
~/.kde/share/apps/kcmkeys/ , but I can't seem to get KDE to apply it.  

I seem to remember a similar problem when I first installed kde 2, but
I can't remember how I soled it back then.  

Any hints?  

THanks very much,
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