wierd behaviour on first login.

Noam Meltzer tsnoam at zahav.net.il
Sat Jun 28 12:31:59 BST 2003

I'm a sysadmin in a large network. Recently I was working on upgrading
our linuxes. (i chose mdk9.1, and KDE as the desktop env. - please don't
start a flame war about it, that's a fact which won't be changed and lot
of thinking were behind)
anyway, I was preparing a basic KDE configuration, that will be good for
my users needs.
and then I encountered a very wierd problem:
certain users, on certain machines (i couldn't find a rule behind which
users and which machines) when they first logged in to KDE (and they had
no previous KDE environment in their home. i created users from
scratch), the KMenu application was empty for them, and also all the
icons which are supposed to be near it.
I tried restoring the original KDE configuration of MDK9.1
(${KDEPREFIX}/share/config) but it didn't work.
does any1 here has a clue why this can happen?


Noam Meltzer <tsnoam at zahav.net.il>

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