Fonts, anti-aliasing and TFTs

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Fri Jun 27 06:09:04 BST 2003

James Ferris wrote:
> I run Redhat 9.0 at work, using KDE 3.1 as supplied. It’s great – best 
> thing since the last best thing etc. I think, time to jump the MS ship 
> at home too, and it’s still great except that all the fonts are 
> multi-coloured. I have a TFT panel (driven from a DVI connection) at 
> home and CRT at work, and whereas all my fonts are sharp and black on 
> the CRT, they are sharper but multi-coloured on the TFT. I’ve tried the 
> various sub-pixel hinting options to no avail.

Have you tried NO sub-pixel hinting (uncheck the box in Control Center and 
restart KDE and X)?

> I’ve tried the MS fonts 
> from the windows partition, which gives a small improvement, but not much.
> The worst case is running konsole with a Courier New font – letters like 
> I,L etc are only 1 pixel wide (or look like it) and that pixel is coming 
> out red and not black (with or without sub-pixeling in any of its 
> guises). 

This is very odd.  A pixel on a digital display consists of one Red one 
Green and one Blue element (a set of three) so if it is actually one pixel 
wide, then it (if driven with a digital connection) should turn all three 
colors off and be black.  Only when using the sub-pixel hinting on small 
fonts should this happen.


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