Fonts, anti-aliasing and TFTs

James Ferris james at
Thu Jun 26 22:50:31 BST 2003

I run Redhat 9.0 at work, using KDE 3.1 as supplied. It's great - best
thing since the last best thing etc. I think, time to jump the MS ship
at home too, and it's still great except that all the fonts are
multi-coloured. I have a TFT panel (driven from a DVI connection) at
home and CRT at work, and whereas all my fonts are sharp and black on
the CRT, they are sharper but multi-coloured on the TFT. I've tried the
various sub-pixel hinting options to no avail. I've tried the MS fonts
from the windows partition, which gives a small improvement, but not


The worst case is running konsole with a Courier New font - letters like
I,L etc are only 1 pixel wide (or look like it) and that pixel is coming
out red and not black (with or without sub-pixeling in any of its
guises). It's black when not anti-aliasing, but everything else looks


Running konsole under Gnome is fine (same fonts), although I can get it
to have similar problems (but still not as bad) by fiddling with the
gnome font settings (of which there are many more than for KDE). The
best result is with greyscale anti-aliasing, medium hinting (and
obviously no sub-pixeling).


I want to use KDE as I do at work, but this is a real bind and reminds
me of why MS has so many users - it's still so much easier. It's
particularly irritating to have to systems set up the same with
different results, purely due to the monitor type!


Anyone got any ideas.


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