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Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Thu Jun 26 20:33:40 BST 2003

On Thursday 26 June 2003 18:49, Nick THOMPSON wrote:
> Ah, sounds good. What about something more powerful, like a program
> callout (takes % arguments) that checks to see if a service menu item
> should be displayed? I'll show my cards here. I'm trying to add some

Hmm, AFAIK service menus work on MIME types.
It could be possible to extend the library or program that evaluates the 
MIME types to return distinct types for those files.

> menus to support ClearCase, but I would like to only display the menu
> items that apply. e.g. checkin, only when a file is checked out;
> checkout only on version controlled files, etc. I need an external
> program/script to determine that kind of thing.
> Maybe I need a ClearCase kioslave?

Hmm, I am only familiar with the basics of the under-the-hood stuff in 
KDE.I think it will be better to discuss this with someone who
 has more in-depth knowledge about those KDE and Konqueror internals

I recommend subscribing to kfm-devel and asking there. kfm-devel is the 
mailinglist of the Konqueror developers.


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