Service menus

Nick THOMPSON nickthompson at
Thu Jun 26 17:49:39 BST 2003

Ah, sounds good. What about something more powerful, like a program
callout (takes % arguments) that checks to see if a service menu item
should be displayed? I'll show my cards here. I'm trying to add some
menus to support ClearCase, but I would like to only display the menu
items that apply. e.g. checkin, only when a file is checked out;
checkout only on version controlled files, etc. I need an external
program/script to determine that kind of thing.

Maybe I need a ClearCase kioslave?


On Thu, 2003-06-26 at 16:24, Kevin Krammer wrote:

> Not yet, at least not in the stable KDE I think.
> But the CVS version can do it:

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