Too much aRts, Polonius.

James Henry Maiewski jhm at
Wed Jun 25 10:34:02 BST 2003

> > 	Whenever I un-mute the PCM channel I get random spurts of static, and an
> > electronic 'vroom-vroom' sound when I even move the PCM slider.  When I
> > attempt to play a sound file, I get an increased amount of static, until
> > the playing stops (which seems to suggest that something is going right).
> >  In fact, if I try to change the sound device to /dev/dsp in KDE control
> > center,
> ???  Exactly where are you trying to do this??

From the The K menu, on the panel (in Mandrake 9.1, at least), its: 
Configuration -> KDE [Control center] -> Sound -> Sound System -> Sound I/O: 
Use custome sound device.
> > it can't, then switches to the NULL device, which promply silences my
> > speakers.
> I don't think that ALSA uses /dev/dsp.  Something about installing the ALSA
> devices IIRC -- a bunch of stuff in: "/dev/snd/".

ls /dev list no snd.  /dev/dsp is a pointer to /dev/sound/dsp, and I have seen 
something about a /dev/asound/dsp
> Also, you need to have your: "/etc/modules.conf" file correct for an ALSA
> driver to work correctly.

I've downloaded 0.9.4 and will folow these directions.  I've tried this with 
earlier releases, but hope springs eternal.


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