Konqueror - FTP - restrict instances ?

Harald Radke harryrat at gmx.de
Tue Jun 24 11:03:02 BST 2003

some addition:

this multiple logins seem to appear with file transfer only, not 
deletion..(??)...also, it looks like the login info (user/password) gets lost 
during session after login failure, although the checkbox for keeping those 
data was checked....

oh, something else...after login via FTP I get an error message window like:

(win name is kio_thumbnail)
Unable to run the command specified. The file or directory
file:/tmp/kde-<USERNAME DELETED>/<FILENAME DELETED> does not exist.

for some of the files in the directory of the ftp server

Looks like this has something to do with the thumbnail preview....it is not 
related to a specific file type, e.g. some files of a type produce an error 
msg. some don't...this is rather annoying...

btw, talking of KDE 3.1.2 (:

thx again


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