Problems with compiling

Andreas Pakulat ap125 at
Fri Jun 20 22:14:03 BST 2003


I've got weird problems compiling kde3.1.2 using konstruct Version
20030528. I get segfaults from the qt uic which all hang within dolookup
in ld-linux (I did a backtrace, but don't have the whole output now).
They are trying to load the as far as I can tell from the
backtrace. Somehow this leads to a segfault.

It looks random to me when and where the segfaults appears (the ui file
of kde is nearly everytime another) and sometimes it even gets further
after a few extra runs (I mean I called make 3 or 4 times and then it
gets over that ui file but stops at one of the next). I cannot seem to
get this right, but I shoul mention that there is a in
/usr/lib and the whole KDE 3.1.0 in /usr/local/kde31. I could manage to
get every reference to the latter one out of the compile-shell (QTDIR,
KDEDIR, LD_LIBRARY_PATH,, but I'm absolutely not able to
remove the So my question is: is it possible that uic
segfaults because of this second libqt (which is version 3.1.1)? I would
really like to use the newer libqt3.1.2 instead of the system 3.1.1.

Please CC me as I'm not reading the list.


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