Mouse movement slows down when near clickable Elements

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Mon Jun 16 08:24:24 BST 2003

The Isz wrote:
> Hi,
> no it doesn't. But the change of the mouse speed seems to be related with one 
> option in the KDE control center. As I'm using german KDE, I try to translate 
> the name of the option. It's in "Devices--> Mouse" and there in the panel 
> "Additional Options" (?). It's the second option there named something like 
> "range for pointer" (?). If I change this option, the slowed movement starts 
> earlier or later near clickable elements. The problem is: I can't completely 
> disable this option.
> Do you have an idea?

I think that the setting is to control how far you need to move the mouse 
before it accelerates.

I think that the problem is related to the failure of the cursor to change 
when it is over a link.

I suspect that it is an XFree86 problem rather than a KDE problem.


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