Mouse movement slows down when near clickable Elements

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sun Jun 15 00:13:34 BST 2003

The_Isz at wrote:
> Hello!
> I'm a Linux (and thus as well KDE) Newbie and I'm trying to convince myself,
> that Linux is the better Operating system ;)
> At the moment, I'm facing a problem, to which I don't seem to find a
> solution. When I move my mouse, it behaves normally as long as the mouse pointer
> doesn't near a clickable Element on the screen. Then the mouse movement is
> slowed down. I really hate this feature as it makes working with Linux hard for
> me. I already found the option to change the pixel range for which the mouse
> movement is to be slowed down in the KDE center, but I don't find the option to
> totally disable this "feature".
> Can somebody tell me how to do that?

I can tell you that it isn't supposed to do this.

It may be a configuration issue with XFree86.

Does the cursor change when it slows down?


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