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Mon Jan 20 23:13:55 GMT 2003

Hi all,
	kde newbie question. Now when I was working from gnome and had qt libs 
installed manually to allow configure scripts and the like see where the libs 
were I had all my PATH's in /~.bashrc. I still do have some kde2 libs 
installed for things like opera etc see below :

<mobtek at eudoxus:mobtek>dpkg -l | grep qt
ii  libarts1-qt    1.0.4-1        aRts Sound system (qt/x11 support libraries)
pi  libqt2         2.3.2-5        Qt GUI Library (runtime version)
ii  libqt2-mt      2.3.2-5        Qt GUI Library (runtime threaded version)
hi  libqt3         3.0.5-3        Qt GUI Library (runtime files)
hi  libqt3-dev     3.0.5-3        Qt GUI development files
hi  libqt3-mt      3.0.5-3        Qt GUI Library (Threaded runtime version)
hi  libqt3-mt-dev  3.0.5-3        Qt Threaded development files
rc  qt-designer    2.3.1-22       Qt GUI Designer
ii  qt-designer-do 2.3.2-5        Tutorial and reference documentation for Qt
hi  qt3-tools      3.0.5-3        Qt GUI Designer and other Qt3 based tools

Am I missing some libs? Where do I have to set the paths in kde-3.0.4 on 
debian sid so configure scripts etc can see them when compiling from source?

cheers Peter van der Male

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