Moving the mouse changes which text box I'm typeing into.

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Sun Jan 19 11:20:31 GMT 2003

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On Sunday 19 January 2003 9:50 am, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Samstag, 18. Januar 2003 01:09, Barry Stokes wrote:
> > Since upgrading to 3.1rc6 the mouse seems to have taken control of
> > which text box I'm typing into (moving the mouse over a different box
> > changes where I'm typing). This is very annoying. How do I turn it off?
> This is called "focus follows mouse"
> It can be set in the control center.
> I think "look&feel"->Window behaviour
> or maybe, Periperals->mouse
> hth,
> Kevin

The only option I can find with "focus follows mouse" in it is the one for 
which window has focus. The problem I'm having is that when filling in a form 
on a web page with multiple text boxes, moving the mouse around changes which 
box I am typing into. This can cause me to type half of what I'm typing into 
one box and half into another if the mouse gets jogged whilst typing. Also, 
if the mouse moves over a link it takes focus away from the text box, which 
is also annoying.

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