Failing starting kde

Fabio Ferrari fabio at
Fri Jan 17 13:23:36 GMT 2003

I've just compiled kde 3.05a on a Mandrake 8.2, and the basilar programs & 
libs (qt 3.06, kdelibs, kdebase) compiled and installed correctly.
When I start kde, both from gdm and with the startx script (I added in my 
.xinitrc  the command "exec /usr/local/kde/bin/startkde", as the program was 
installed in /usr/local/kde/)

After starting the dcop server, I saw that the startkde script tries to 
execute kwin: after this, I get an error about the unavailability of 
interprocess communication made by dcop server (which is up, instead! I 
verified this with the "ps" command).
The system tells me that  it can't read the connection list in 
~/.DCOPserver_hostname, but, as I told before, the server is up and running, 
and the file exists.
What kind of problem this could be?
Thanks to all ;-)
Kind regards,
	Fabio Ferrari

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