problem with Kde's scrollbar after apmsleep..!

nerdboy nerdboy at
Fri Jan 10 05:18:54 GMT 2003

i put my computer to sleep sometimes ...rather than shutting it down.
sometimes, however(that is, whenever i 've put the comp to sleep using 
'apmsleep' and then woken it up the next day), the scrollbars stop 
no amount of tweaking then sets it right.(i ve asked all my friends and 
they've seen it too.

its happened thrice already.

and then, all off a sudden(i cant figure out why), in the evening , the scroll 
starts functioning again. 

specifically the symptoms are :
1. the separator (b/w the upper and lower half ) in Kmail refuse to be 
2. any window refuses to be dragged even when i use the 'alt' and left mouse 
buton to drag it.

(i can move the window only if i use 'move' after rt clicking on the 
(i might be correlating mutually independent events)

has it happened with anybody else too ?
why does it happen ?
is there a way to activate the scrolllbars again ?

platform :Red Hat 8.0

thanking you in advance

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