Compiling KDE 3.x for OpenLinux

Robert Kopp iconoklastic at
Wed Jan 8 22:16:53 GMT 2003

I am currently using KDE 2.2 on Caldera OpenLinux
3.1.1. To the best of my knowledge no binary packages
are available for later KDE versions on OpenLinux, so
I am interested in compiling it from source.(This
could be a later stable version, not necessarily CVS.)

I gathered everything that seemed to be necessary: Qt
3.0.5, automake 1.72, and autoconf 2.57. And KDE. I
compiled as root to the default installation targets:
/usr/local/kde and /usr/local/qt.And there were no
error messages.

When I issued "startx" as an ordinary user, nothing
happened. When I did this as root, a fuzzy X screen
came up with an x that followed mouse movements, but
nothing afterward.

I know that many KDE users, including some of you,
compile CVS versions to a specially-created user
account, and I shall try to do this if necessary. I
created a "kde3" user for this purpose, in case it is
necessary. As outlined on the KDE Web site, I would
create a .bashrc-private in that account, something
like this: 


Then I would compile without root privileges. I'm
wondering whether I can still somehow access the files
I have already compiled, or whether it would be better
to go forward with this latter type of installation?
In any case, I should appreciate references to
detailed instructions, since there seem to be many
potential pitfalls in installing KDE in this way.

Robert "Tim" Kopp

"SAMBA--opening Windows to a wider world."
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