Controlling changes to user settings

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sun Jan 5 04:38:13 GMT 2003

Lee W wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am in the process of trying to convince the company I work for to get
> away from Windows and over to Linux.
> One of the concerns my bosses have is that of controlling what users can
> & cannot do.  Directly they require to be able to control what settings
> users can change (for those familiar with Windows NT/2000 I think it is
> called a "Mandatory Profile").
> I have already reads the docs on gnomes site and can see that it is able
> to perform this level of control.  However having looked at KDE's site
> and the docs as well as searching the list archives I cannot find any
> information on these sorts of features.
> Does anyone know if this level of control is possible with KDE.
A great deal of the control you need is available in Linux.

If the files and directories you want to control are owned by 'root:root', you can prevent the 
user from writing to them.

In a directory, no write permission means that the user account can NOT add or delete files.

If a configuration or: "*.desktop" file is root:root:644, the user can use the file but can NOT 
modify it.

Note that there are a few KDE configuration files that must have user write permission but most 
of them can be locked down.


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