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Fri Jan 3 05:03:10 GMT 2003

On Tuesday 24 December 2002 23:26, Johnny Andersson wrote:
> Hi all. I'm setting up a KDE system for my mother and I want to make it as
> easy to use as possible. It's only going to run a web browser (I think I'd
> better use Mozilla even though I prefer konq myself) and kmail.
I've setup a mandrake kde3 based pc for my parents and they are neither 
computer savy nor interrested in knowing the ins and outs. They just want 
emails and a little bit of surfing the net.
konqueror is the way to go if you don't want to have to teach her later about 
it, when you're just finished explaining mozilla, and she starts to have one 
or 2 pictures sent by friends that she want to look at. (I love mozilla too, 
it's not the problem, but as a file manager it isnt worth konqui). If you 
don't care about explaining 2 softs instead of only one and have the horse 
power for mozilla, go for it. 
basically, you shouldnt worry for the complexity of the desktop as it is not. 
Configure yourself the machine, have a big kicker with big icons. teach them 
the apps and it rocks. To my surprise, the most complex part of the teaching 
was the keyboard. Clicking on the icons and using the apps comes easilly, but 
understanding "press escape" or "press controll alt backspace" was the hard 
As someone noticed, being virii free is something people understand really 
quickly and are quite proud of. All their friends around the world, in one 
month of internet presence try to teach them out to use antivirii or are 
explaining how they were infected some time ago. They just love to tell them 
they cant get virii. Period.
I also configured them with 2 email adresses, one being for unknown persons or 
site web asking for it or people on networks like aol or hotmail, so they can  
stay spam free. They also got that really fast. We're pretty much spam free 
here, but the least the better.
Oh, and big surprise to me, but my father just loves kword. I forgot to 
reinstall it after an upgrade, unknowing that he was using it, and he phoned 
me pissed. He just loves its smooth way of handling text. (and so do I).
All and all, it was a pleasant surprise to see that kde is even better and 
simple that I thought.
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