kdmrc - Greeter config for a specific Display

Johnny Ernst Nielsen johnny.ernst.nielsen at get2net.dk
Fri Feb 28 13:45:14 GMT 2003

Good day Birgit,

Fredag den 28. februar 2003 12:28 kvad Birgit Ohlenbusch:
> > # You can configure every X-display individually.
> > # Every display has a display name, which consists of a host name
> > # (which is empty for local displays specified in the Xservers
> > file), # a colon and a display number. Additionally, a display
> > belongs to a # display class (which can be ignored in most cases;
> > the control=20 center
> > # does not support this feature at all).
> > # Sections with display-specific settings have the formal syntax
> > # "[X-" host [":" number [ "_" class ]] "-" sub-section "]"
> >...
> >
> > I hope that gives you a clue.
> Thanks for your reply. I tried to specify the display name in many
> ways - with and without the domain name (that uncludes the - sign -
> perhapts that's the problem?), and whith and whitout the : and more
> specification. But nothing of that works. :(

Perhaps you have other Greeter sections that take precedence over the 
one you are trying to change?

# From which section a setting is actually taken is determined by 
# rules:
# - an exact match takes precedence over a partial match (for the host 
#   which in turn takes precedence over a wildcard
# - precedence decreases from left to right for equally exact matches

What Greeter sections do you have in your

If you have more than one, which one are you trying to change?

> Men - i hvert fall tusind tak for din svar!

Du er velkommen :o)

Best regards :o)

Johnny :o)
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