Linux as workstation (multiple logins, DCOP problem)

Timco Visser tppv at
Thu Feb 27 15:52:06 GMT 2003

Hi Nick,

Eh... It's not really that I want it this way.
Definitely not, it took my quite some time to get used
to the habit of my colleagues to everywhere log in to
the windows systems as Administrator (yuck). The idea
was that in this way everybody has access to all
projects that people are working on. Now they also
want to have one common log in for every system
(including the systems which I have been able to
upgrade to linux).
I hope I can convince them that it's not so bad to use
your own login, while still being able to see what
everybody is doing. (It will also be a lot easier to
keep track of who has done what etc. So I don't see
their objections.)

Thanx for your attention,


--- Nick THOMPSON <nickthompson at> wrote: >
> I guess in theory it ought to work, even though it
> doesn't, but I still
> can't get my head around why you would won't to
> share a login. You
> presumably will fall over this issue again and again
> with applications,
> which will store there config files in the one user
> directory, so any
> changes to configs or stored passwords and heaven
> knows what else will
> end up being available or being forced upon
> (depending on how you look
> at it) all your users.
> If you are using Exceed, it is possible to setup
> sessions to connect to
> Unix machines which store both the usernames and
> passwords - so even if
> your users can't stand to login one or twice a day,
> you can get around
> it this way.
> Now I'm 2ยข down ;)
> Nick.

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