Linux as workstation (multiple logins, DCOP problem)

Nick THOMPSON nickthompson at
Thu Feb 27 10:51:13 GMT 2003


I guess in theory it ought to work, even though it doesn't, but I still
can't get my head around why you would won't to share a login. You
presumably will fall over this issue again and again with applications,
which will store there config files in the one user directory, so any
changes to configs or stored passwords and heaven knows what else will
end up being available or being forced upon (depending on how you look
at it) all your users.

If you are using Exceed, it is possible to setup sessions to connect to
Unix machines which store both the usernames and passwords - so even if
your users can't stand to login one or twice a day, you can get around
it this way.

Now I'm 2ยข down ;)


On Thu, 2003-02-27 at 09:44, Timco Visser wrote:
>  --- Kevin Krammer <kevin.krammer at> wrote: >
> > You could check if the .DCOP files or links contains
> > the hostname _and_ 
> > the display.
> > Because this should allow starting KDE in the same
> > account even on the 
> > same machine.
> Hi Kevin,
> Thanks for your feedback!
> If I login using exceed, a .DCOP file of the following
> format is created in my home directory (on the linux
> host system)
> .DCOPserver_``hostmachine''_``calling
> machine''_``display number''
> (and a link to it with :0 in stead of _0 at the end)
> So, if I start exceed on two different ``calling
> machines'', and login to the same hostmachine two
> separate .DCOP files are created. But still the first
> started session somehow seems to loose contatct with
> the DCOP server...
> It seems that in principle it should be possible.
> Bye,
> Timco

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