Linux as workstation (multiple logins, DCOP problem)

demian biscocho dbiscocho at
Wed Feb 26 06:38:27 GMT 2003

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AFIK you cannot do multiple logins with the same user name and expect 
everything to work fine.  i've also encountered this problem so what i did 
was create multiple users like user1 for computer1 and user2 for computer2. i 
dont think it has anything to do with your configuration.

On Tuesday 25 February 2003 18:36, Timco Visser wrote:
> Hi all,
> (I have searched for an answer to this problem, but
> have been unable to find any relevant postings.)
> I have installed RH 7.3 on a system (and also RH8.0 on
> another), which is to be used remotely, from a windows
> box. I have been able to get exceed running and using
> XDMCP to login using kdm/gdm to use the KDE window
> manager and get some graphical interface (the windows
> users around here like to click).
> Now this seems to work, except for the following
> problem. It doesn't seem to be possible to login twice
> using the same login name. If I log in first locally
> (e.g.) and later on remotely using exceed, the later
> session works fine, but the first one is virtually
> disabled, since I can't start any application, it
> complains that there is a problem in the
> ``inter-process communication'' and that I should
> check whether
> the dcopserver is running. It is of course, but it is
> only handling requests from the last login. Is there
> some configuration that I can change, did I do
> something wrong, or is this an intrinsic problem?
> Any help greatly appreciated!
> Greetings,
> Timco Visser
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