Linux as workstation (multiple logins, DCOP problem)

Timco Visser tppv at
Tue Feb 25 10:36:15 GMT 2003

Hi all,

(I have searched for an answer to this problem, but
have been unable to find any relevant postings.)

I have installed RH 7.3 on a system (and also RH8.0 on
another), which is to be used remotely, from a windows
box. I have been able to get exceed running and using
XDMCP to login using kdm/gdm to use the KDE window
manager and get some graphical interface (the windows
users around here like to click).

Now this seems to work, except for the following
problem. It doesn't seem to be possible to login twice
using the same login name. If I log in first locally
(e.g.) and later on remotely using exceed, the later
session works fine, but the first one is virtually
disabled, since I can't start any application, it
complains that there is a problem in the
``inter-process communication'' and that I should
check whether
the dcopserver is running. It is of course, but it is
only handling requests from the last login. Is there
some configuration that I can change, did I do
something wrong, or is this an intrinsic problem?

Any help greatly appreciated!


Timco Visser

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