dual-head problem

Henning Holtschneider hh at loca.net
Tue Feb 25 10:31:37 GMT 2003

Am Mon, 2003-02-24 um 21.37 schrieb liontechie: 

> As far as I know it could only be accomplished with xinerama.

Hmm, but Xinerama will always stretch my virtual desktop together with
the KDE panel, background etc.to the second screen resulting in double
resolution hrizontally (assuming that I align the monitors
horizontally). The non-4:3 aspect ratio will confuse many programs.

The Xinerama options in the KDE control center will prevent maximized
windows from covering both screens but each virtual desktop still
stretches over both screens. What I want is two seperate sets of virtual
desktops on each screen but the screens should "know" each other so that
windows can be "sent" from one screen to the other.

> My problem is that, I did compile with xinerama on, but my xinerama features 
> are disabled in  control center-> window behavior -> advanced :(

You don't have to recompile KDE to add Xinerama support. The Xinerama options 
in the control center are grayed out as long as Xinerama support in the X server
is turned off.


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