Problems with KDE 3.1. KMail's OpenGPG and S/MIME warnings about some GPG messages

Mark Hillary mark at
Mon Feb 24 07:50:28 GMT 2003


The problem that you are having is that the built in gpg support in kmail does 
not understand PGP/Mime, which is how messages are signed using the new 
plugins from the aegypten project. This plug-in allows multipart messages to 
have every part signed and for attachments to be signed. (If you turn the 
Mime viewer on in kmail you will see the difference in different signing 

These links will help.

The main problem with these plugins is the prerequisites. Maybe that warning 
should have a show only once message on it.

On Monday 24 Feb 2003 4:30 am, JW wrote:
> As best I can tell, outgoing GPG is still working fine. However when I
> click on a message that uses PGP/GPG to view it, I get a dialog box as
> follows:
> Problem: OpenPGP plug-in was not specified.
> Use Setting -> COnfigure Kmail -> Security dialog to specify the plug-in or
> ask your system administrator to do that for you.
> After telling it ok I am able to see the message, but, apparently the
> mesages it's GPG signing (or something).
> I get a similar error less often about the S/MIME plugin.
> Anyone else having this problem? What's the solution, where do I get teh
> precompiled plugins?
> I actually I don't get this message on all GPG using messages. The ones
> that I do get it on have no apparent GPG "stuff" that I can see after
> clicking "ok" on the warning.

Mark Hillary
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