Problems with KDE 3.1. KMail's OpenGPG and S/MIME warnings about some GPG messages

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Mon Feb 24 04:30:03 GMT 2003

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I'm havingsome problems with the KMail that comes with KDE 3.1

Some things are just preference (I hate the new "columns"  for showing how 
many messages/read messages you have) but others are more serious...

As best I can tell, outgoing GPG is still working fine. However when I click
on a message that uses PGP/GPG to view it, I get a dialog box as follows:

Problem: OpenPGP plug-in was not specified.
Use Setting -> COnfigure Kmail -> Security dialog to specify the plug-in or
ask your system administrator to do that for you.

After telling it ok I am able to see the message, but, apparently the mesages 
it's GPG signing (or something).

I get a similar error less often about the S/MIME plugin.

Anyone else having this problem? What's the solution, where do I get teh
precompiled plugins?

I actually I don't get this message on all GPG using messages. The ones that
I do get it on have no apparent GPG "stuff" that I can see after clicking "ok" 
on the warning.

Humorously enough, most if not all of the messages that give me the OPenGPG or 
S/MIME warning are on the KMail developer's list :-D

The post rigt above this one "kicker crashes on kde startup" from Jan 
Drugowitsch has the problem described.

The one two above that "Re: [kde] Konqueror Lan Browser not switching to 
proper protocol" from Martin Koller does not have the problem.

Any ideas?


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Jonathan Wilson
Cedar Creek Software

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