Printer problem: KDE 3.1

Malte Gell malte_gell at
Sat Feb 22 17:57:14 GMT 2003

> I'm attempting to add a printer and keep getting the message 'unable
> to add temporary printer' when I click the 'test' button. Very
> frustrating.

There is a bug with kded that won't be started in certain cases and 
without kded some other subsystems like the printing engine won't be 
loaded and this causes trouble, *maybe* this is what happened to you, 
I've reported this bug here:

What do you get after loggin in KDE and typing this in konsole:
ps aux|grep -w kded

You can also take a look at ~/.xsession-errors and check if there's 
something about kded, if this is the case, then this bug hit you. In 
this case you can go to ~/.kde/share/applnk/ and type rm -rf * this 
will delete any custom menu entries, but if you log on again, kded will 
start (this assumes ~/.kde is your KDE folder, it may be ~/.kde3 or 
similar) again and configuring your printer may work again.


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