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On Friday 07 February 2003 09:32 pm, John Sowden wrote:
> I want to bring up my home page each time I log onto the internet.  I can
> click on 'home page', but, after all this is a computer.  I would rather
> have it  do it for me.
> I would rather not have this happen when I am browsing files on my own
> computer, otherwise, if I ever get 'dial on demand' working, I will have to
> connect to the internet to find a file on my own computer.

I don't think Konqueror can detect if you're or if you aren't connected to the 
internet and even then, the test would trigger an on-demand connection.
Konqueror work with profiles, you have a file manager profile and a web 
browser profile.
What I think that you should do is configure your web browser profile to load 
your homepage.
Launch konqueror, be sure to be on the Web Browsing profile: Windows >  Load 
view profiles > Web Browsing.
Go to the page you want as homepage.
Save your profile Window > Save View Profile "Web Browsing" and before cliking 
save be sure to have "Save URLs in profile" checked.
Rather non-intuitive I would say, someone has to fill a bug report or 
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