fixed window position

Adam Olejniczak adolf at
Thu Feb 6 11:32:27 GMT 2003

>I don't use gkrellm (I think it's a hideous piece of crap) so I don't know if 
>it does, but have you checked whether it accepts a standard --geometry 
>parameter? If so, you could use something like this:
>kstart "gkrellm --geometry -10+10"
>The above (assuming gkrellm supports the standard X parameters that any decent 
>application should) would place gkrellm ten pixels in from the right edge of 
>the screen, and ten pixels down from the top.
>Your other option is to install Ksim (which comes with KDE 3.1, by the way) 
>which is apparently similar to gkrellm, remembers it's own position, and is 
>just as ugly (IMHO).

Hehe thanks for replay. Hmm but it mighe be good feature in kvim if it 
will be able to allow user to set position, desired workspace and size 
for even badly written apps. I really used this feature a lot in sawfish 
and i miss it a lot in kde.


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