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Tue Feb 4 21:21:42 GMT 2003

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Am Dienstag, 4. Februar 2003 15:04 schrieb Michael D Green:
> pilot-link-0.11.7.tar.gz.

Thats source, and thats the problem..

> [Before doing so I poked around and found that the KPilot site recommends
> that one install pilot-link-0.11.7 to work with the KPilot 4.3.3 I have.


> This leaves me confused and frustrated. Since my SuSE 8.0 comes with KPilot
> 4.3.3, why does it not also have pilot-link-0.11.7? Or perhaps the question

I have no idea. debian stable packages have this problem, too.

> is "why does not KPilot 4.3.3 come packaged with pilot-link-0.11.7?"  ;-( 
> ]

ask SuSE ;)

> I then read the README in pilot-link-0.11.7.tar.gz and was left cold by
> what was involved in an installation. Words like "Play around in the source
> directory, CAREFULLY" and "if you have tested thoroughly and are sure
> pilot-link works well for you" make it sound like I would be walking
> through a mine-field to try to do the install.

The recent pilot-link libs work pretty well, but the problem is that you would 
have to compile kpilot (incl. kdepimlibs kdelibs, kdebase etc.) yourself  to 
use the new libpisock.

> I guess KPilot is not quite ready for the "mass-market" yet ;-)

kpilot is, but it is linked against a much to old pilot-link lib.

> Are there other ways to use my Handspring Visor with (SuSE) Linux that are
> a bit closer to "PlugNPlay?" :-)

Perhaps try jpilot. It has not so many dependencies as kpilot has, so 
compiling it from source (and using pilot-link 0.11) should be easyer.


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