KPilot to Handspring via USB

Michael D Green linux at
Tue Feb 4 14:04:30 GMT 2003

Thanks very much for the responses from Matt Anderson and Alexander Gran to my 
question. (I hope I have not missed any other responses. I get the digest 
version of the list.)

Matt wrote:
"You are very close! The Handspring uses two usb ports.  ttyUSB0 is control.  
ttyUSB1 is data and needs to be linked to /dev/pilot."

I linked ttyUSB1 to /dev/pilot and got a wee bit further. My Handspring 
indicated that it was connecting; and the desk tray icon for KPilot changed 
to a red color. Then the Handspring said that it had lost connection. Every 
subsequent try yielded less success. I wondered whether or not ttyUSB0 needed 
to be linked to something??

Then Alex wrote:
"You need Kpilot to be linked against the right pilot-link libs. At least the 
debain kpilot packages use the old version, which doesn't support the usb 
protocol. Try a ldd `which kpilotDaemon ` | grep pisock
If it gives something like > /usr/lib/ (0x40dc7000)
SuSE is using the 0.9.x Version, and there is no way (that i know of ;)
If it, everything should work, if you use ttyUSB1, of course
(look at dmesg after pushing the hotsync button)"

When I did "ldd `which kpilotDaemon ` | grep pisock" I got
        " => /usr/lib/ (0x40e67000)"

That tells me (I think) that I need a more recent version of pilot-link. So I 
went to and downloaded pilot-link-0.11.7.tar.gz.

[Before doing so I poked around and found that the KPilot site recommends that 
one install pilot-link-0.11.7 to work with the KPilot 4.3.3 I have. This 
leaves me confused and frustrated. Since my SuSE 8.0 comes with KPilot 4.3.3, 
why does it not also have pilot-link-0.11.7? Or perhaps the question is "why 
does not KPilot 4.3.3 come packaged with pilot-link-0.11.7?"  ;-(  ]

I then read the README in pilot-link-0.11.7.tar.gz and was left cold by what 
was involved in an installation. Words like "Play around in the source 
directory, CAREFULLY" and "if you have tested thoroughly and are sure 
pilot-link works well for you" make it sound like I would be walking through 
a mine-field to try to do the install.

I guess KPilot is not quite ready for the "mass-market" yet ;-)

Are there other ways to use my Handspring Visor with (SuSE) Linux that are a 
bit closer to "PlugNPlay?" :-)


Mike Green

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