gkrellm + kstart breaks geometry options

Chris Jensen chris-kde at drspirograph.com
Mon Feb 3 03:46:17 GMT 2003

I've had this problem in successive versions of KDE ever since I upgraded to 
version 3.0 (now on 3.1).
I like to start gkrellm and specify -g so that it appears in the bottom left 
of the screen, but I also like to use kstart to specify that it appears on 
all desktops and some other stuff, the full command line is:
kstart --window gkrellm --alldesktops --ontop --skippager --skiptaskbar 
gkrellm -g +0+374

If I just run 
gkrellm -g +0+374
then it works fine, but if I run kstart with all those options, then it gets 
placed by kde's "smart" placement, instead of where I want. Is there a way I 
can get all these things to happen, or should I be submitting a bug 
report/feature request?

Chris Jensen

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