[semi-OT] KDE 3.1 RPM:s for Red Hat?

gabriel the.angel.gabriel at rogers.com
Sun Feb 2 18:45:55 GMT 2003

On February 1, 2003 05:36 pm, Andreas Karlsson wrote:
> Ok, I must admit I was not aware of the depth of the problem. I now,
> once again considering changing distro. I was on that track before but
> never made it. Ah, well. I got a feeling many distros is finnishing off
> the final touches on new versions of their babies, so maybe I will sit
> tight for now... (sorry, this is probably abit offtopic).

while you're looking at other distros, might i direct you toward gentoo 
(www.gentoo.org).  it compiles everything from source, so you know that there 
aren't any profit-driven distro companies messing with your machine.  i used 
to be a big redhat fan and haven't looked back there for months now.

there was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any 
given moment.  you had to live -- did live from habit that became instinct -- 
in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard and except in 
darkness, every movement scrutinized
	- george orwell 1984

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