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Nathan England nathan at
Tue Dec 30 08:10:18 GMT 2003

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On Monday 29 December 2003 04:56 pm, corey_s at wrote:

I disabled the kdemountd daemon in the services window and that seems to have 
fixed it!
I'll keep playing with it and paying attention to it.
thanks for your help.


> On Tue, Dec 30, 2003 at 12:26:57AM -0700, Nathan England wrote:
> > Unfortunately, this did not work.
> > KDE seems to be okay, but dvd playback still burps, and quake3 still
> > hangs. And when I am working in Kate, I can be typing something, and
> > then it will stop and I keep typing, then it has to race to catch up to
> > me. But it doesn't do that in Gnome...
> >
> > Anything else?
>   Check to see if a program/deamon named 'fam' is running when while KDE
>   is up. If so, kill it, and see if that makes a difference.
>   Also, check your $home/.xsession-errors for any clues.
>   You said you looked at top, so I figure you also kept it up and watched
>   for anything occuring at exactly the same time you experience the delays?
>   Finally, make sure there aren't any automounter deamons running that
>   might be attempting to periodicaly mount/monitor some device.
>   Assuming all that fails to bring to light anything, try starting kde,
>   then with no other apps running, do a 'ps aux > kdeps.txt' as root -
>   then do the same thing with gnome... ugh, then painstakingly go through
>   each one and try to locate any suspicious looking deamons/programs
> running under kde that aren't running under gnome.
>   If _all_else_fails,  install a new distro... try gentoo, it rocks.
>   Seeing as you seem to prefer kde, I would suggest that it may well be
> better to try a new distro than to give up and revert to gnome!
>   Good luck!
> Beers,
> Corey
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