KDE&CUPS: Annoying start/end banners

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Mon Dec 29 15:36:03 GMT 2003

Izo wrote:
> KDE-3.1.94
> I've set up bunch of printers (shared from Windows domain) through the 
> CUPS on my workstation. When migrated from KDE-3.0 to KDE-3.2b2, 
> suddenly blank sheets are "printed" before and after job. One would 
> suspect that it was connected to the banners setup in 
> ControlCenter->Periph.->Printers->[some_printer]->Properties->Banners, 
> yet I've those radio buttons disabled and were not ever even touched.
> I have also re-configured (removed and added again) all printers. The 
> behaviour just persists.
> When migrated the KDE, I removed the $HOME/.kde directory and started my 
> personal KDE profile from the scratch.
> In previous versions of the KDE this behaviour was only "related" to the 
> Mozilla printing and only with the laser printers using ljet or gimp 
> drivers so I was just thinking that it was really related to the 
> Mozilla. Now I am starting to suspect that the behaviour is general.
> Can somebody help me with this ?

Open the CUPS web config page in Konqueror and see if you can fix it there.  You might 
have to do this as root.


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