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Hi all!

I'm a very happy KDE user, thanks for all the efforts people are putting
into this!

Most of the time, I'm on a ADSL connection which I start at bootup, so
I'm not worrying too much about connecting. However, I was recently on
the road with a laptop, mostly using a GPRS phone to connect but
occasionally using the built-in winmodem (that's a mess, binary only
stuff :-( ).

I've got KPPP well configured now, and I'd like to contribute my config
back to KPPP so that it can be used in the Wizard, but AFAICS, KPPP
requires username and password in the wizard. My mobile provider
doesn't require one (I'm a subscriber), and for modems and ISDN line,
there is a provider in Norway that has open lines, anybody can just
call in and connect, phone costs apply. You get only bandwidth, but
that's all I need. Pretty cool.

So, requiring a password is pointless for both these providers, and is
likely to cause much confusion to newbies. So, is there any way this
can be disabled?

/me not on the list, please CC any replies. :-)


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