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Mon Dec 22 10:19:42 GMT 2003

	This question may properly belong in some other forum, 
	but having scanned some of the archives & found nothing
	relevant, then perhaps someone on here may be able to
	give a hint?

	The problem is  missing  KRec:In  and KRec:out  entries in 
arts Audio-manager.   I gather from the KRec handbook that 
these should be present after the other aRts set-up procedures 
described there have been carried out.

	This is true for both this machine which is running
	KDE 3.1.4 (self built) on what was originally a Mandrake 8.2
	and for the other machine which is running an essentially
	`vanilla' version of Mandrake 9.1

	This machine has an on-board  EP 1370 

	A few brief trials seem to indicate that sound on this machine
	at least ONLY operates when aRts is running, and that Krecord
	will initiate aRts on invocation.  There does not then, on the
	face of it seem to be any way of running  WITHOUT aRts
	(which ISTR on could with previous versions of Krecord -
	not used it for quite a while y'see)

	The question is then : is there any way of introducing
	the two required missing channels KRec:in ; KRec:out
	of for that matter of finding out why they are not
	present in the first place?

	Any advice gratefully received
Regards, RJP

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