Kmix volume defaults

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Mon Dec 22 06:32:09 GMT 2003

Nick THOMPSON wrote:
> I just switched to using ALSA (0.9.2). I used OSS before and had the
> similar problem.
> The default startup seems to have the master and PCM volume as zero with
> both channels muted (ens1371). I can change this and get sound working
> fine. I then save the settings from kmix's file menu. Next time I boot
> though, the original muted settings are restored. In the manual a mixer
> module is mentioned under the sound group (KDE3.1.3 MDK9.2) but this
> doesn't appear on my system. Is there a way to get reasonable defaults
> after a reboot?

Should be under:

	Sound & Multimedia => Sound System : Mixer


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