how to set character encoding in kcontrol ?

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Sun Dec 21 10:46:46 GMT 2003

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On Sunday 21 December 2003 02:59, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> Martin Koller wrote:
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> > Hi all,
> >
> > I know there once was a setting in kcontrol to define the character
> > encoding for KDE, which I used to define iso8859-15, to be able to use
> > the EURO sign.
> >
> > I'm not finding this option anymore - nor in KDE-3.2 and neither in
> > KDE-3.1.3...
> >
> > Any ideas how I can define this now or which character encoding KDE uses
> > by default?
> KDE itself use UNICode by default.  Some applications have ways to set the
> encoding for that application.
> How KDE interprets 8 bid encoding should be selected by your choice of
> Country/Region & Language.
> > P.S: My problem is, that I can't use the EURO sign currently ...
> The KCM module "Country/Region & Language" is also where you can select
> your representation for "Money".
> Now if you question is how to get: "€" in place of: "EUR", I'm not exactly
> clear about that except that the: "€" symbol is on page number 32 in
> UNICode.
> Did you try changing your: "Currency symbol" in the KCM?
> Or do you need to insert it when you are typing a document?
> That would be a keyboard issue and I don't know if keyboard layouts have
> been upgraded to use it.  Otherwise, you can use KCharSelect (it is in
> Table 32) with other symbols.

OK, now I'm totally confused.

I know where to set the currency symbol - that's not the problem, as I did 
that before.
But I have now upgraded to KDE-3.2 current CVS, and also to XFree86 4.4 CVS 
snapshot a few days ago.

Before those upgrades, I could see the EURO sign e.g. when I type here in 
kmail, but now I don't (do you see something if I type 3 times EURO "€€€" ?).  
I just have some empty space). I use the font Courier [Urw], which definitely 
has the EURO sign in Table 32 using kcharselect as you said - but:
Using kcharselect shows me the EURO sign in the table-view, but if I click on 
the EURO sign, I get _nothing_ in the Textfield below, where normally all the 
chars clicked on are pasted.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong ?

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