Konqueror won't run

Jeffrey Barish jeffbarish at starband.net
Thu Dec 18 15:45:23 GMT 2003

Now I can't get Konqueror to run.  If I select Konqueror from the menu,
it never starts.  If I start Konqueror from a command line, it starts
but then crashes as soon as I try to browse.  I can't help but wonder
whether the problem has something to do with the message that I get
when I start Konqueror from the command line:

KThemeStyle cache seems corrupt!

although Konqueror was still working for a while since I started seeing
that message.  When I exit Konqueror, I also get the message:

ASSERT: "m_widget" in ../../kdeui/kaction.cpp (2993)

Mozilla works fine.
Jeffrey Barish

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