KDE Desktop (non-)positioning

Jose Celestino japc at co.sapo.pt
Thu Dec 18 12:04:30 GMT 2003

Words by Jerome Yuzyk [Mon, Dec 08, 2003 at 02:22:11PM -0700]:
> Why does the KDE desktop have such little icon-positioning smarts? I can 
> download, or drag-and-drop files to my desktop and it's anyone's guess 
> where the file's icon will go. It might be where I drop it, or it might 
> not. Files I open from the desktop that create a backup file might have 
> the backup appear next to the original icon, or maybe not. There's also no 
> automatic align-to-grid setting. Geez, Windows and every other GUI has 
> been able to do this since the early 1990s, so why can't KDE?

Same here. Very annoying to take several minutes to decently align all
the stuff around. Any solution for this?


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