manual vs automatic saved sessions

Tim Middleton x at Vex.Net
Wed Dec 17 10:09:14 GMT 2003

On December 17, 2003 12:22 am, CiAsA S'Nuey Boark wrote:
> Well, not really.  The idea behind it is that if you are gonna
> automagically save the session on exit and restore it at every login, there
> is  (theoretically) no need for a save session button/icon/selection

Yeah, i guess as you indirectly suggest the solution here really is simply 
better documentation. If the popup help on the Session Manager pannel 
explained this it would have saved me, as least, a fair amount of confusion.

> Well, after five minutes of messing around I couldn't get KDE to restore
> any session saved via dcop.  This is trying both restoring manually saved

Same experience here. I have yet to manage to restore a session I've saved via 
dcop. )-: 

> Slightly OT, but it would also be nice if KDE was able to handle multiple
> saved sessions, and prompt on startup for what session the user would like

I agree that this would be wonderful. I have a feeling no one will be too 
anxious to code it though, probably being of limited use/popularity. For now 
I just have it set to manual, and go and periodically hit save sessoin from 
the menu. I just had a thought though... can't one activate menu items from 
dcop? Maybe i could simulate hitting that "Save Session" menu item via dcop 
at least...  I'll have look into this further when i have more time. 

It seems a shame though having this powerful session feature right there, and 
yet just not quite being able to make it do what one wants. Being able to 
shut down and then restart with restored sessions is a great thing... but it 
could also serve so well as a "crash protection" feature... 

Opera implemented this with it's browser years ago, and has always been 
appreciated by people with unstable boxes (and through unstable Opera betas). 
It's sort of like the auto-save feature on many word processors... which will 
restore a file you were working on in case of a crash. I have read that KMail 
is finally doing something along these lines so if something happens while 
you are editing a message you won't lose it. It's a great idea (The Bat, 
which i used ot use, has had that protection from the beginning)... I just 
dream of this sort of thing at the desktop or even O/S level...

I will keep dreaming. (-:

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