Kmail and Forwarded messages

Robert Spangler bms at
Wed Dec 17 02:03:48 GMT 2003

On Tue December 16 2003 20:25, you wrote:

>  KMail makes three methods of forwarding messages available. If you right
> click on the message, or look on the "Message" menu, you'll see that the
> "Forward" item is a fly-open dialog with the various choices.
>  The first choice is to forward "As Attachment..." (default shortcut key
> "F"), the second is "Inline..." (shortcut key SHIFT-F)...
>  This second option is likely what you are looking for.

You have opened my eyes to something I didn't take notice to earlier.

In the tool bar if I click on forward it sends it as an attachment.  If I 
click and hold then I get a menu to choose how I want to send it.

Thanks again.



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