Kmail and Forwarded messages

Tim Middleton x at Vex.Net
Wed Dec 17 01:25:55 GMT 2003

On December 16, 2003 07:56 pm, Robert Spangler wrote:
> Why does Kmail forward messages as attachments?  And how can I stop this? 
> I would like my forwarded messages in-line and not attached.

KMail makes three methods of forwarding messages available. If you right click 
on the message, or look on the "Message" menu, you'll see that the "Forward" 
item is a fly-open dialog with the various choices. 

The first choice is to forward "As Attachment..." (default shortcut key "F"), 
the second is "Inline..." (shortcut key SHIFT-F)...

This second option is likely what you are looking for.

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